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Magic, Hope, Love. Noblebright Romantic Fantasy.

The Kasmian Chronicles
a series of fantasy romance connected standalones

Of Stormlarks and Silence

To kill the prince, she must first kill her heart. Princess Riona was eight when the Revonian king murdered her family and conquered her kingdom with a mysterious magic. She has spent the last decade training—and waiting for her moment to avenge them all and reclaim her rightful title. Now that the king is ailing, Riona secures a position within the Revonian royal palace. Her goals? Get close to the prince. Kill him. Uncover Revon’s secret magic. Make the king suffer. Only then can she take back her country. But the closer she gets to the prince, the more he surprises her with kindness, honor, and wit. He is nothing like his cruel father. Worse yet, he sees right through to her heart. When she planned this assassination, her heart didn’t factor in.  And now it’s about to ruin all her plans. Of Stormlarks and Silence is a slow-burn clean YA romantic fantasy standalone in the Kasmian Chronicles, a series of romantic fantasy connected standalones.


Of Chaos and Cadence

A half-elf woman with deadly magic. A mage hunting for his childhood friend. A bargain that will change everything. Isarrel Dalmyar is too human for her elven home, and too elven to be accepted anywhere else. Banished after her human magic endangers two elves, she must learn how to control her chaotic power if she ever wants to return home. Liam Galway’s loyalty to his king has always guided him, so when he’s ordered to find the missing mages of Makaria—including his childhood friend—he does so eagerly. But the sparse clues only hint at dark dealings that stretch far beyond their own borders. When Isa begs Liam to train her, he has one condition: she must use her elven skills to help him find the mages. It should be a simple task—if Liam can put his duty before his heart… and if Isa’s magic doesn’t kill him in the process. Perfect for fans of Tara Grayce, Shari Tapscott, and Kenley Davidson, Of Chaos and Cadence is the newest installment in the Kasmian Chronicles, a series of swoony romantic fantasy connected standalones.

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