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Reading Order

The Kasmian Chronicles:

As of right now, all of my works are set in the same universe. I have a great many stories planned for Kasmia, as well as a few in other continents in the same world and connected worlds...

These stories can be read in any order, as they are all standalones. However, there will naturally be some spoilers if you choose to read a later story (such as reading Cadence before Stormlarks). But plot-wise, you don't have to read Stormlarks to understand Cadence.

​The short story collection is available in paperback on Amazon and in ebook to newsletter subscribers.

Chronological Order:

novel: Of Stormlarks and Silence

novel: Of Chaos and Cadence

novel: The Winter Prince

short story collection: Of Love and Lore

novel: Of Tides and Treason

Of Stormlarks and Silence is the first standalone in the Kasmian Chronicles, and precedes all the other books.

Of Love and Lore is a short story collection with ten stories from the world of Kasmia. They range from prequel, concurrent, and sequels to the main Kasmian books. Full details of where each story falls in the timeline can be found in the author's notes preceding each story in the collection.


Of Chaos and Cadence starts after the main events of Stormlarks(but before the epilogue of Stormlarks). This story follows side characters Isa and Liam from Stormlarks.

The Winter Prince is set in the world of Kasmia, but is not a part of the main series. It takes place around the same time or shortly after Cadence.

Coming Sept 2024: Of Tides and Treason: follows Ryu Ahane from Cadence.

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